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 Human program (private) : Stakeholders, Activities, Resources 

The Human program is focused on improving individual and household capacity to manage personal and household resources and engage in human services delivery systems. Current activities specifically focus on solutions to improve management of public, protected and private personal and household resources, enhancing resource security, and safeguarding privacy and confidentiality.

Current activities focus on development of integrative meta-frameworks for the key human services domains of health, social and welfare services; education, vocational and professional training; employment and labor market participation; housing; and household finance.

Key program priorities include :

  • Enhanced personal and household planning and management capabilities
  • Improved personal and household financial planning and management
  • Innovation in use of personal and household agents and automation solutions
  • Resource, relationship and services management solutions for households
  • Development of markets for personal and household services

The health program is the primary focal point of the program portfolio, and is where a significant portion of human program resources and activities are focused.

Community and regional public health services and healthcare delivery systems are a core focus of the program, and serve as the organizing focal point for the  broader portfolio, with activities focused on :

  • Health professional education and workforce development
  • Health services labor markets, credentials, contracts, transactional and work management solutions
  • Healthcare financing, payment methods and benefit design
  • Healthcare organizations, services, supply-chains and markets
  • Health facilities and related infrastructure systems

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