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Ecosystems program (private) : Stakeholders, ActivitiesResources

The Ecosystems program is focused on building the capacity of communities and regions to effectively and sustainably govern and manage natural ecosystems and resources.

Ecosystem control and regulatory systems is a primary program focus. Program activities are currently focused on design and development of technical infrastructure platforms for ecosystem resource management, with leadership from the Engineering program stakeholders.

This work extends the generic Control framework to address the requirements of natural ecosystems and resources specifically. It focuses on strengthening monitoring and intervention capabilities using decentralized and distributed services systems. Enhanced compliance and policy enforcement capabilities represent a key priority, and land use and land use planning services systems are an important focal point in terms of strengthening compliance capacity. Effective regulation of resource extraction and waste disposal services systems are a related priority.

There is an increasingly urgent need for remediation, restoration and recovery within natural ecosystems, and a growing number of programs focused on mobilizing resources toward these objectives.

A key focus is on the interface between natural ecosystems and human habitats and habitat infrastructure services systems, including the flow of resources across various boundaries, and the services systems responsible for resource extraction and waste disposal.

The program research agenda addresses the capacity of ecosystems to sustain life, focusing specifically on the structures and processes necessary for sustaining life.





Portfolio : Development | Ecosystems, RegionsCommunities, Human, Habitat, Grid | Engineering

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