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Development program (private) : Stakeholders, Activities, Resources 

The Development program is a principal portfolio program. Current activities include:

  • Multi-level governance integration frameworks for programs and services systems spanning public administration, private enterprise, civil society and academic institutions; methodologies, tools and services to support integrated ecosystem-scale analysis, decision-making, policy-making, planning and evaluation.

  • Healthy Islands development and climate change adaptation framework for Small Island Developing States.

  • Business incubator network planning model for accelerated scale out of sustainable innovation investment..

  • Integrated, human-centered, lifespan-oriented services ecosystem models focusing on coordinated and resource-efficient delivery of human habitat and human development services.

  • Mobility, information portability and integration solutions for emerging patterns of population migration : mobile workers, retirees, migrants, displaced or relocated populations.

  • Workforce development and management solutions :

    • Emerging labor market models

    • Labor market platforms

    • Training, credentials, contracts, transactional and work management solutions

    • Distributed multi-enterprise workflows and collaboration models

    • Integration with public programs, projects and services delivery systems

Development solutions markets

The current focus of the program is on iterative refinement of the Development framework. Ongoing activities focus on several key development and engineering component frameworks within the broader Conceptual framework.

Subprogram portfolio

Principle frameworks

Development frameworks

Engineering frameworks                                                     





Portfolio : Development | Ecosystems, RegionsCommunities, Human, Habitat, Grid | Engineering


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