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 Communities program (private) : Stakeholders, Activities, Resources 

The Communities program mission seeks to strengthen community governance and management of portfolios of development programs, projects and services systems.

As a core focal point of the community-centered development framework and broader program portfolio, the program supports integrative planning, delivery and evaluation of development services and solutions.

Community development strategies and solutions focus on :

  • Building leadership capacity
  • Providing training and support
  • Promoting community-led development governance
  • Improving dissemination of sustainability knowledge resources
  • Improving analysis and decision-making capabilities
  • Enabling integrated planning
  • Strengthening ability to mobilize community resources
  • Enhancing IT-enabled governance and management capacity

Community research framework

Science-based knowledge is increasingly critical to effective governance.

A key community development strategy involves the iterative application and optimization of use of constrained resources to enable realization of a science grid infrastructure, driven by community-led, embedded and continuously learning research and knowledge development methodologies.

Subprogram portfolio





Portfolio : Development | Ecosystems, Regions, Communities (Organizations, Services, Markets), Human, Habitat, Grid | Engineering


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