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platform-prototype-2020 : stakeholders, activities, resources


  • Establish secure channel with registered users via trusted personal or group computing device with differentiated provisioning protocols at all assurance levels.
  • Ensure users have secure, fault-tolerant administrative and security services for creation, storage, retrieval, exchange, use, recovery and revocation of keys, identifiers, certificates, credentials and tokens.
  • Enable trusted personal and household services on individual or shared devices operating off-line, intermittently-connected or online.
  • Deploy, provision and operate secure and trusted computing resources on personal and shared devices, workstations and hosts.
  • Provide secure, available and fault-tolerant repository and storage services for individual, household and shared digital resources maintained off-line and online, including locally and remotely.
  • Support hybrid system administration services with defined protocols for local and remote access and authorizations for computing resources.


  • Enable rapid development, deployment and provisioning of trusted apps and services within a secure services framework.


  • Enable research portfolio services systems with support for agile and iterative design, execution and analysis of interventional study protocols.
  • Enable multi-armed, multi-stakeholder research portfolios aimed at iterative evolution of regulatory policy services frameworks for distributed spatial and hybrid cyberphysical services markets and related resources.

Stakeholders, Activities & Resources

Portfolio : Development | Ecosystems, RegionsCommunities, Human, Habitat, Grid | Engineering

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