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The program seeks foremost to engage stakeholders as individuals with widely varying backgrounds and interests, who perform a variety of social roles, and who maintain affiliations with a diverse range of informal and formal institutions. Stakeholder affiliations may include a variety of social institutions : public administrations, private enterprises, research and academic institutions, and international and civil society organizations.

The program has maintained an independent operating model from inception and during planning and development phases.

  • The program is not presently affiliated with, sponsored financially or otherwise supported by any private, public or international organization.
  • Program governance, management and operational roles, responsibilities and activities have been undertaken to date by a core program development workgroup serving on a strictly voluntary basis.
  • Program developers maintain an independent, conflict-free position, without existing financial or other interests in any existing private enterprise or related financial assets, instruments or cryptocurrency holdings.
  • Program developers do not represent the interests of any public administration, nor any national, regional or international institution or organizational body.

Program work products have been developed independently, with the goal integrating the perspectives of a variety of stakeholders, and without bias toward the interests of any given stakeholder, group or coalition of parties.

Program development workgroup

Roles currently performed by workgroup members include :

  • Planners
  • Designers
  • Managers
  • Administrators

Program management office

The program management office provides oversight of the program development workgroup and manages all stakeholder relationships and program communications. .

Program governance

The program is currently governed by a program steering committee and draws on an independent advisory network of affiliated stakeholders.

Portfolio : Development | Ecosystems, RegionsCommunities, Human, Habitat, Grid | Engineering

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