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Program plan


Communities globally are secure, resilient and sustainable


Catalyze transformation to sustainability

  • Strengthen leadership capacity to effectively resolve apex challenges to the health, security and sustainability of communities globally
  • Design models, frameworks and methodologies to strengthen distributed, multi-level governance capacity
  • Develop technical tools and solutions for integrated community- and regional-scale portfolios of multi-stakeholder programs, projects and services systems
  • Catalyze transformation of the public, development and institutional finance architecture
  • Accelerate uptake and scale-out of critical infrastructure technologies and services systems
  • Accelerate digitalization and integration of public administrations, private enterprises, academic and research institutions, and international and civil society organizations within community and regional services markets
  • Safeguard and sustain the health and productivity of integrated ecosystems of natural resources, human habitats and populations, and systems of production, commerce and trade

Stakeholder collaboration

The Development research program aims to provide comprehensive, integrated and independent leadership in general development and multi-level governance across communities and regions globally. Program stakeholders are currently focused on capacity-building with respect to policy-making and planning for strategic investment in core community and regional infrastructure technologies, services systems and digital markets.

Platform prototype

Stakeholder activities are currently focused on development, testing and release of a platform prototype led by the Engineering program, with sponsorship by the HLTH, in order to address core public health services, with priority on infection prevention and control :

Collaboration tools

The program employs a suite of stakeholder communication and collaboration platforms and resources, and is actively developing a new generation of multi-stakeholder collaboration solutions.

Program wiki

This wiki provides a shared knowledgebase and collaboration platform for research and development of solutions to critical sustainability challenges.  It consists of publicly-accessible spaces, protected spaces for registered users and private spaces for collaborating partners.


Interested parties are invited to subscribe to the program groupware service in order to participate in workgroup communications and/or receive ongoing program news and updates :

Mailing list

Interested parties are invited to subscribe to the program mailing list :

New user orientation

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